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Business Agility 
Certificated Kanban Training 

Achieving the promised benefits of Agile requires a solid foundation in the fundamental concepts and practical experience in implementing them effectively. You will earn certifications from leaders in the industry like Kanban University and Scaled Agile, Inc.
Team Meeting

Team Kanban Practitioner

Team Kanban Practitioner (TKP) Unveils Hidden Team Workloads! "Discover the power of Team Kanban in organizing and managing unseen tasks, reducing team overload, and enhancing project completion with high quality and craftsmanship. Learn all this and more in our comprehensive 1-day TKP course." Public Classes - $995 per student

Kanban Systems Design (KSD)

Master the Kanban Method Design Practices, Flow Principles, Pull Systems, and Collaborative Improvement Strategies. 
Participants will learn the simple but powerful STATIK method used to design and implement effective Kanban Systems. They will understand the concepts of flow, pull, and continuous collaborative improvement based on scientific models and performance metrics.
(KSD course is 2 days or 16 hours - $1495 per student)

Kanban System Improvement (KSI)

Master Kanban Scaling across the organization.
"The Kanban System Improvement Class is a comprehensive course designed to elevate your understanding of the Kanban method and deepen your appreciation of its foundational principles, motivations, and the significant benefits it brings through evolutionary change. In this class, we'll explore how to scale your Kanban system in multiple dimensions – extending it upstream, downstream, and integrating it with other systems.  
(KSI course is 2 days or 16 hours - $1495 per student)

Kanban for Design and Innovation

Master Upstream Kanban to revolutionize your approach to design, innovation, and product management. 
Welcome to the 'Kanban for Design and Innovation' class, a transformative course tailored explicitly for product owners, managers, Business Analysts (BA), Product Owners (PO), and professionals involved in the dynamic fields of design and innovation. (KDI course is 2 days or 16 hours - $1495 per student)
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Scrum Kanban Practitioner (SKP) 

Improve Scrum by adding Kanban Practices.
Scrum Better with Kanban can help you improve your Scrum by introducing proven Kanban practices, principles, and applications of evolutionary change management.  
(SKP course is 1 day or 8 hours - $995 per student)
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Kanban using Microsoft Azure DevOps for Teams (ADO)

Implement a Kanban System in Azure DevOps
In this dynamic and interactive course, attendees learn how to implement Kanban Practices, including Workflow and Work Items Design, Policy Definitions, WIP Limits, Performance Metrics Dashboards, and Automated Reporting. This is a one-day add-on to the KSD, KSI courses.  
(ADO course is 1 day or 8 hours - $995 per student)
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