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Scale Business Agility across the Enterprise...
Connect Strategy with Execution...
Align on Top Priorities...

Achieve transparency at the top level. From strategy to execution, visualize all company initiatives, projects, and operational activities on Kanban Boards.

Increase Team Productivity by up to 300% without Chaos.
Make the work visible, resolve blockers fast, prioritize better, and get more work done.

We specialize in evolving enterprises through Agile methodologies and Kanban practices. With over twenty years of experience in building high-performance teams and organizations, we have honed our expertise in driving significant improvements in both operational and development value streams. Our unique approach integrates the dynamic capabilities of the Kanban Method with a deep understanding of human emotions, unlocking unparalleled levels of performance and efficiency. From comprehensive system design, initiation, and implementation to ongoing support, we provide tailored solutions that simplify and clarify your processes.

Leveraging tools like Kanbanize (now known as Businessmap), we ensure that your team is equipped to deliver higher-quality solutions swiftly, without the chaos typically associated with digital transformation.

Discover how our services can redefine what's possible for your enterprise, achieving extraordinary results with an Agile mindset."

Business Agile Consulting and Coaching

Our Agile Consulting practice is dedicated to Identifying Fit-For-Purpose innovative solutions. Our deeply personalized approach addresses each client's specific challenges and aspirations to implement practical solutions that drive sustainable improvements.


Our solutions are designed to boost efficiency, improve team collaboration transparency, and elevate the quality of outcomes. Our services extend from driving organizational change to coaching teams and leaders in the nuances of Agile practices.

Agile Resource Provisioning 

We also offer a specialized Agile Resource Provisioning Service. This service is dedicated to supplying skilled Agile professionals to enhance your team's capabilities across various roles. We provide experienced Program Agile Resources, Product Managers, Product Owners, ScrumMasters, Kanban Delivery Managers, and experts in Architecture and Development. Our professionals are adept in their respective fields and deeply versed in Agile methodologies, ensuring they can seamlessly integrate with your teams and drive your projects towards successful, agile-oriented outcomes. Whether you're looking to fortify your existing team, fill specific skill gaps, or enhance your project's Agile approach, our Agile Resource Provisioning Service is designed to meet your needs with precision and expertise.

Kanbanize (businessmap) Jumpstart Service ($12,000, 8 weeks)

We specialize in the comprehensive Assessment, Design, Implementation, and Support of the Kanban System. Leveraging our expertise with the Kanbanize (now Businessmap) tool, as one of the few Accredited Kanbanize Resellers in the US, we bring unique skills and insights to your project.

Our Services Encompass:

  1. Define Team Purpose, Challenges, and Solutions 

  2. Define Workspaces: Tailoring workspaces to align with your team’s specific dynamics and needs.

  3. Hierarchical Work Breakdown Structure and Board Setup: Creating a clear, manageable structure for initiatives and tasks, facilitating streamlined workflow management.

  4. Workflow Boards and Work Item Types Creation: Develop boards and work items customized to your project's requirements for enhanced efficiency and tracking.

  5. Workflow Prioritization Policies Definition: Establishing guidelines to ensure the timely completion of critical tasks and projects.

  6. Work-In-Process Limits and Policy Definition: Setting practical limits to balance workload and prevent overburdening.

  7. Card Templates and Custom Fields Building: Designing tailored card templates and fields for streamlined information access and reporting.

  8. Advanced Business Rules for Automation Implementation: Streamlining processes with sophisticated automation rules to reduce manual effort.

  9. Advanced Performance Metrics and Charts Dashboards Development: Providing detailed metrics and dashboards for a comprehensive performance overview.

  10. Visual Stickers for Automated Status Reporting: Enhancing communication and transparency with visual cues for effortless status updates.

  11. Cadences for Effective Feedback Loops Establishment: Setting up regular feedback mechanisms for continuous improvement and alignment with project objectives.

  12. Performance Metrics Analysis for Continuous Improvement: Conducting thorough analyses to identify and implement ongoing improvements using practical metrics.

  13. Realtime Roadmap Timeline Reporting: Offering up-to-date project roadmaps for precise planning and tracking.


Eight Weeks of Team Support:
Our service extends beyond setup and implementation. We include eight weeks of dedicated team support, ensuring your team adapts to the new system and maximizes its benefits. This period is crucial for addressing challenges, refining processes, and ensuring your team is fully equipped to deliver high-quality solutions efficiently.


Our Commitment:

Our approach goes beyond merely establishing a Kanban system. We commit to empowering your team with the tools and knowledge necessary to excel in the fast-paced digital landscape, delivering higher-quality solutions swiftly and effectively. Join us to transform your workflow and elevate your enterprise's productivity and innovation.

"From Chaos to Clarity: Empowering Your Journey Towards Agile Excellence."

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