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Today, Digital Transformation Enterprises are redefining the boundaries of what's possible, achieving remarkable feats without succumbing to chaos. This is possible by embracing an Agile Mindset and leveraging the powerful Kanban Method.

Who We Are:

With over two decades of experience, we've mastered the art of building high-performance teams and organizations by integrating Agile principles and Kanban practices. Our approach uniquely harnesses the power of human emotions, unlocking exceptional performance in operational and development value streams.

Our strength lies in the simplicity and clarity of our implementation strategy. We don’t just introduce a methodology; we tailor a transformation journey that fits your unique environment and challenges. Whether it's through System Design, Initiation, Implementation, or Support, we provide a comprehensive service package that includes:

  • Advanced Kanban System Design and Support, utilizing tools like Kanbanize (now known as Businessmap) to create efficient workflows.

  • Strategies to prevent overburdening of team members, optimizing team capacity and productivity.

  • Automated tracking and reporting for complete visibility and streamlined status updates.

  • Tools and techniques for accurate forecasting based on actual data performance (Facts not Estimates), eliminating the guesswork from timelines.

By choosing us, you’re not just adopting a system but transforming your approach to design, innovation, and product management. We equip you with everything necessary to deliver higher-quality solutions in record time, ensuring your team is protected from chaos and empowered to focus on what truly matters.


Embark on your transformation journey with us and experience the power of an Agile Mindset and the precision of the Kanban Method, all tailored to elevate your enterprise to new heights of efficiency and innovation.

Kanban University Training & Coaching

Expertise in the Kanban Method

Expertise in the SAFe Framework

Businessmap (Kanbanize) Solution Partner

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